Dominant Color Viewer

View dominant colors in any image for free! Perfect for designers seeking inspiration or anyone curious about color composition.

Select an image or drag it to this area To ensure your privacy and security, the files you upload will be automatically deleted after 1 hour

What are the advantages of Dominant Color Viewer tool?

view image dominant colors

Supports multiple image formats

View image dominant colors in formats such as JPEG/JPG, BMP, PNG, WebP, HELF/HEIC, AVIF, etc.

High-Definition Image Dominant Viewing Supported

View dominant colors of high-definition images, each image up to 30MB, total pixel count up to 200 million.

Effortless Image Dominant Colors Access

Easily view image dominant color in three steps, always free to use.

How to use the Dominant Color Viewer tool?


Select Image

Select images for dominant color viewing and upload to cloud.


Customize Settings

Click the process button and wait for the cloud to retrieve the image dominant color.


View Dominant Color

View the dominant color of the image and freely copy any field from the results.

select images for dominant color viewing
For more usage tips about Dominant Color Viewer, please refer to View image dominant colors.